Raku Piece 5 – New Collection


Raku Piece 5 – Traveling to Mars

Size ca. 7 3/4″ tall¬† x 6″ in diameter

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The Raku Piece 5, a beautiful and unique Vase was handmade on the pottery wheel and fired under high temperatures with a glaze.It was taken out of the extremely hot gas kiln and put into a reduction chamber, to get the amazing play of colors, bringing out these interesting surface of texture, color, crackles and natural material.

We created this Raku Piece 5  just for you. This vase has unusual colors that were created through oxidation and reduction. It was created for you to experience all the elements and the process of transformation that this piece has gone through.

Raku pieces we feel attracted to often reflect our nature in some sort of way and we can use them for exploration of why it is that this particular piece spoke to us. Or you can see it as medicine for the part that might be missing in your life and that you get some creativity and inspiration from – fire, passion, creative processes would be attracted through this piece.

The process of firing this particular way is utterly unpredictable and therefor full of adventure and excitement. It leaves us with the question how did all these parts play together to create exactly this piece…

It was created for you, so you would be reminded of how the process of creation is so full of extreme power and how all elements come together to bring the end result.

This new collection has been in the works for weeks and I am so excited to present it, Raku being one of my favorite things in the world to do. All elements come together… Earth, Air, Fire and Water… It is magic and it is somewhat unpredictable.

Please enjoy!

… and remember that Raku is not food safe and for decoration only, it is also porous and will not hold water reliably. Colors can still change and develop over time.


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