Raku Vase 7 – New Collection


Raku Vase

Size ca. 6 1/2″ tall x 6″ in diameter

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The Raku Vase 7 was handmade on the pottery wheel and fired under high temperatures with a glaze, taken out of the extremely hot gas kiln and put into a reduction chamber, to get the amazing play of colors, and crackles that are penetrated by the smoke and bring out these interesting surface of texture, color, crackles and natural material.

This new Raku collection has been in the works for weeks and I am so excited to present it, Raku being one of my favorite things in the world to do. All elements come together… Earth, Air, Fire and Water… It is magic and it is somewhat unpredictable.

This Raku Vase was created just for you. It has classic simplicity yet is colorful, colors ranging from maroon and plum red to turquoise and green. At the same time elegance and a profound earthiness give the piece a touch of flair. The reason why you connect with the piece, a reflection of you, as you will. You are feeling drawn to this piece because you resonated with it.

The process of transformation by Fire, Air and Water will transfer when you hold it. It was created for you to experience all the elements and the process of transformation that this vase has gone through.

It was created for you, so you would be reminded of how the process of creation can be so full of extreme power and how all elements come together to bring the end result.

Please enjoy!

… and remember that Raku is not food safe and for decoration only, it is also porous and will not hold water reliably. Colors can still change and develop over time.


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