Customize It

I totally love doing custom orders!

This is when I can really put my intention in for you and your loved ones. No matter if you have a particular piece in mind or if you have horse hair or pet hair or even ashes from your beloved pet that you would like to have incorporated in the piece…


Horse hair and feather pottery works by applying the hair at about 1500 degrees Fahrenheit to the pot which is the pattern you see on the finished art piece. Ashes can be incorporated into the clay or the glaze and the effects are a bit unpredictable but very beautiful.

I treat the hair and ashes with utmost respect and feel honored that I have gotten so many requests from people to transform the hair or remains of their beloved pets into some beautiful art pieces. Thank you for trusting me.

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Pottery From The Soul

Claudia Mardel

110 Camino Los Abuelos

Santa Fe, NM 87508

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