Purple Teapot with cup


Purple Teapot with Cup and Character!


Purple teapot with cup is totally made with love! Yes, I made it on the pottery wheel and attached the handle and spout and made the lid on the wheel as well. Quite the process and I love it! This one has tons of character don’t you think?! Playful…

It measures 5 1/2 inches tall by 5 3/4 inches in diameter not counting handle or spout. The teapot holds 32 liquid ounces and is purple inside and out!

Totally in spring colors and part of the Purple Lavender Collection it will keep you in a happy calm mood. I mean how could it not? Don’t you smell the lavender mixed with green tea steaming from the spout?

It also comes with a little cup so you can be all set to sip your tea. Enjoy!


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