Large Blue Sage Dinner Plates


Large Blue Sage Dinner Plates

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These Large Blue Sage Dinner Plates are part of the Blue Sage Collection and are mix and match-able with all the other Blue Sage mugs, cups, bowls, lunch and appetizer plates, trays, jars, vases, and honey jars.

The plates measure 10 inches in diameter and are about 1 1/2 in heights. They are handmade from clay on the pottery wheel and have some variations in color and texture in them. They are designed for your inspiration through texture and color. When you run your fingers across it you feel the rings and texture of the clay and the glaze which is a most delicious feeling.

They look fabulous on a white dinner cloth or a rustic wooden table, by the ocean or in the desert, for a fun breakfast or a leisurely brunch or lunch . The glaze is smooth with some texture that you can feel nicely in your hands when you touch them. They are at the same time a treat for the eye as well – no matter if this is at the ocean in your beach house as they reflect the blue of the ocean or at a rustic farm house where they reflect the sky in the mountains or the sage of the desert.


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