Horsehair Vase – Uther



This horse hair vase is one of a kind! It was made on the pottery wheel and is an authentic piece of handmade pottery. It was glazed on the inside with a turquoise crackle glaze and on the outside it has a Friesian stallion’s hair burned into it. His name is Uther.

This Vase or Bowl or Pot is made from white clay which consists of half porcelain, is fired 3 times. First Terra Sigiliatta was applied to it on the outside, which the ancient Greeks and Romans used to decorate their vases and pots and which somewhat seals the clay.It was then bisqued once at a temperature of about 1800 degrees, then it was glazed and fired to about 2300 degrees and finally it was fired a third time and taken out at about 1500 degrees and the horse hair applied to the hot piece. Honestly not all pieces make it because of the thermal shock. The ones that do are have survived it!

The horse hair is from a Friesian stallion named Uther and he is a gorgeous boy! Strength and knightly quality like all the Friesan horses have….

The piece weighs 2 pounds 3 ounces and measures: 5 3/4 inches tall and 6 inches wide. The opening on the top is about 3 1/2 inches wide…

I am also always happy to make custom pieces with your own horse’s hair or feathers from birds or any other pet hair!


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