Horse Hair Pot – Roy


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This pot or bowl was fired three times. First bisqued, then glazed on the inside so you can use it, and then fired a third time, taken out of the kiln at 1500 degrees and the horse hair applied. This particular hair is from a horse with the beautiful name Ray who is a dressage horse, very sweet and inquisitive and is playful in the field, very bold and dynamic. That is the energy you get with this pot or bowl.

Imagine it in your home as a center piece or in the bedroom holding your precious memories of your childhood dreams or letters from your loved ones. Your imagination is the limit of possibilities for the use of this horse hair pot which is made with tons of love!

Also remember if you have your own horse or know someone with a horse – I do custom work and can apply your pets hair or feathers to a piece that is made specifically for you.

Measurements are 5″ tall and 6 1/2″ wide…


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