Earthen Jug with Purple Hue


Earthen Jug with Purple Hue


Earthen Jug with Purple Hue is made on the pottery wheel. It is one of those pieces of ceramic where you know it came from the Earth. It has the texture and the feel of burnt clay, the kind that leaves your hand with the feeling of every grain and ripple. Totally grounding!

Earthen Jug with Purple Hue is 7 inches tall and 6 inches in diameter at the widest part. It has colors of purple and a little green/blue and of course the color of the brown clay in it.

This jug will look great on your balcony between your precious plants which it will water, it will look great on the farm centerpiece, a wooden table and hold your utensils or be a water jug for the table. You choose.


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