Ashglaze Plate

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This plate is 8 1/4 inches in diameter and flat, measures 3/4 inches of the ground. it weighs 1 3/4 pounds and is made with a blue ash glaze which I love! The blue shines through where the ash has not accumulated. When you hold the plate in the sun, it glistens and sparkles silvern from the ash and I love this effect. I made it with white clay which is half porcelain and nice and smooth to work with.

The glaze itself has some unevennesses which I welcome, the thickness of the glaze is thicker where the ash has accumulated. The plate is food safe, no materials were used that are not food safe.

I am always happy to make custom orders should you want a cup or mug with it and create a set, or make more of the same plates :).

This plate would look good on a wooden table or a marbled kitchen counter holding, or holding your bread, cake, breakfast or lunch while you enjoy the blessings, intentions and prayers that are put into each of my pieces as I am making them. Enjoy! Bon appetite.


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