Alice in Wonderland Meets Dr. Seuss Teapot


Teapot with character – you just have to smile and I promise this will happen every time you pour your tea… It is such a happy teapot!

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This Alice in Wonderland Meets Dr. Seuss Teapot teapot is part of the Blue Sage Collection. It has character and is handmade and thrown on the pottery wheel. It has a food safe blue glaze inside and outside and was made with dark brown clay.

Oh my I love this teapot. It was so fun to create! It has a big smiley even on the bottom when you turn the teapot around because it made me laugh so much when I created it.

I realized half way through its creation that the opening of the spout would let the tea drip out at 3/4 so I slanted it and I love the effect it has. It pours well now :).

Blue with dark blue stripes at the pattern – what can I say this is a FUN TEAPOT WITH CHARACTER this is why I called it Alice In Wonderland Meets Dr. Seuss Teapot!!

So then I bisque the pot and I glazed it and fired it with the glaze and the result is more than beautiful. I love the colors and it pours well. It weighs 3 pounds 10 ounces. The measurements are about 5 1/4 x about 6 inches wide – that is the actual vessel the spout and handle of course add width and heights. The hole of the lid got plugged up by the glaze but has no effect on the pouring quality of the teapot.

I have some teacups in the same color blue – So it could easily become a set! If you would like to find more teapots and set please click here. And check out all products at this link here. Of course you can also visit us by appointment in Santa Fe or just South of it on the Turquoise Trail and if you go into the little town of Cerrillos you can find more of my handmade pottery at the Cerrillos Station. There in the middle of the high desert of New Mexico all my pottery and ceramic products are created….


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