My little helper, Amber and I

Good morning.

I was thinking I will share some of my journey with you.

Amber is always helping

So far I have done all my glazing in the Community studio where bisquing, glazes and firing in a gas kiln are all provided for. This is a totally new journey I have embarked on, one that is fun and also a bit intimidating as things are fired really really hot and by that I mean well above 2000 degrees. My first bisquing resulted in a couple of pieces breaking but that is o.k. as it teaches me several things.

  1. Don’t get attached to a piece before it is completely done :).

  2. Be patient and make sure everything is totally dry – even if it looks like it the thicker pieces might still contain some moisture

  3. Keep the attitude that it will just give me another chance to practice even more.

So here I am glazing – with my little helper Amber – who is always determined to inspect everything and give her approval. These pieces made it through the bisque firing. Now I am switching from a gas kiln to an electric kiln which requires a bit of a different approach. I bought some already mixed glazes and also made some after recipes myself. I am actually waiting right now for the kiln to cool down from the glaze firing at Cone 6. I will keep you updated 🙂

What a new journey this is for me! I am excited.

Much love, Claudia

About Claudia Mardel

I love beauty in it's wondrous forms and aspects. Capturing moments that speak to the heart and soul, capturing a face, a movement, light, the magic of a relationship, and esp. the horses with their own magic, grace and beauty. I have done many different things in my life from being an elementary school teacher, a massage therapist, a barefoot trimmer, a world traveler, a diver, sailor, lover of horses and all animals to a photographer and potter. I am a Free Spirit with a big heart and don't quite fit in a box. My intention is for you to catch that free spirit through the images I present to you and the earth creations in form of pottery I have filled with love, intentions and prayers.

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