Celebrate With Us – Free Shipping!

Good morning. 

Free Shipping on all orders

Tony and I are celebrating our 1 year anniversary today and tomorrow and have decided to celebrate with you!

FREE SHIPPING until further notice!

That should make your experience so much more enjoyable!…

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Enjoy your beautiful Sunday!

Much love from us!

Claudia & Tony

About Claudia Mardel

I love beauty in it's wondrous forms and aspects. Capturing moments that speak to the heart and soul, capturing a face, a movement, light, the magic of a relationship, and esp. the horses with their own magic, grace and beauty. I have done many different things in my life from being an elementary school teacher, a massage therapist, a barefoot trimmer, a world traveler, a diver, sailor, lover of horses and all animals to a photographer and potter. I am a Free Spirit with a big heart and don't quite fit in a box. My intention is for you to catch that free spirit through the images I present to you and the earth creations in form of pottery I have filled with love, intentions and prayers.

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